The Welsh Language (Poem)

It is a chosen language, and the wisest language, – an ancient language,
A unique, most exquisite language:
From the point of view of Poetic Inspiration, one of the earliest languages,
And our language, is the language of our God.

An amiable language, which will last while the world exists, – and the treatment.
Of its letters as well.
In the case of a baby in its early years,
“Mum and Dad” is what he records for a long time.

The language of measuring, and the language of customs, – and the language of number,
A wondrous language undoubtedly.
The language of nature, and the language of names,
Man, and his God – both.

It is brilliantly wise, and the language of companions, – prominently.
The language of the feelings of the heart:
It sends out clear signals.
Within the seat of this bosom.

People of Gomer’s race, the brilliant songsters – content,
People of sincere hearts,
Come and sail into this.
Hymns and pleasant words.

Particularly wise men of all degrees, – oh dear
People renowned for their talents.
Compose for our language, works to weaving.
In harmony of beautiful types.

Speeches, finely humorous fruits, – and a harp
And its family of exceeding beauty.
And the praise of ready sounds like the sounds of bells
Let them be given to us freely.

The language of our country, the language of our fathers, – a great language,
The language of the early days of our ancestors.
Despite being deprived of praise, readily
Will come along greater guilds of men to claim it

A language of great sound, the language of the senate – it is to be.
With sons of fine virtue.
Our language will come along to spread the word of peace.
With a golden tone from the ten kingdoms.

List in its favour of the diligent ones, – all the Poets
Of pure learning and labour.
Give this to your pure, resolute children,
With their customs in every metre.

David Williams (Alaw Goch)

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