Fisco Company

This company was commenced in 1948 by Mr. John Pitt, aged 25.

He came from London with two men and a girl secretary.

He employed 50 local men and women to make drawing pins, staples, stapling machines, perforating machines and steel tape rules which they shipped to all parts of the world. The cash department decided on it’s own overtime hours.

Mr. Vernon Evans, 37, Beacons Road, Rhigos who was the supervisor of 20 employees often worked more than 70 hours a week . He was an engineer in America for some six years until he was incapacitated by a fracture of the spine. He came back to the United Kingdom and worked at the Royal Ordnance Factory in Hirwaun.

See Aberdare Leader photograph November 19, 1949

Details from Mr.W.W.Price Collection. Aberdare Library