On Hirwaun (Poem)

On Hirwaun, above the Werydd,
On its bounty, we shall spend the day,
Here we see a crowd,
Living amiably without a frown;

The old and the young
All dearly united in praise;
The brave and cheerful sons,
And the valiant men enrich the feast
Made virtuous
By those from Hirwaun.

Everyone is tender hearted,
Every expression fair, frown less.
United in thought and manner,
This is one characteristic to rejoice in.
These qualities are great
They will surely give you long life.

All the sons ever born
Pure since birth,
It is a blessing to be in their company,
In the hope of meeting them;
And to their advantage they will grow
And prosper.

A healthy host, on high Hirwaun
Today we shall plainly see.
Everyone has done well
And more decent people
We shall be.

You must be praised – with sincerity,
United in peace;
Our task is to protect you from indiscretion
To honourably roam till death take us.

David Williams (Alaw Goch)

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