Hirwaun Glassworks

“This company, formed in 1945 and making glassware products has take over the premises of Bottlewear Limited. They make fractional ounce bottles for chemists and for distillers of whisky to larger bottles for wine, milk, soft drinks and lighter fuels. The general manager is Mr. Rupert C. Trulove.

The increased space will allow them to employ 70 people of whom 65 are men and according to the local paper more than 30 are suffering from silicosis.

They are installing a new glass furnace and will export glassware – most of it to Malta and Egypt.”

– Aberdare Leader 25/03/1950

“Hirwaun Glass Factory to pay audc 15/- (fifteen shillings) per ton for glass collected from refuse tips.”

– Aberdare Leader 21/01/1950