1875 Census Hirwaun

unknown Rev Thomas Johns Curate
Nebo Chapel Rev. William Williams
unknown Rev. John Davies English
Milliners and Dressmakers Bevan Terrace The Misses Jones
Tailors Brecon Rd William Scourfield
Beer Retailers Brecon Rd Thomas Rosser
Grocers & dealers in sundries Brecon Rd John Jones
The Mount Pleasant Brecon Rd David Davies
The Lamb Brecon Rd Jenkin Edwards
The Railway Brecon Rd Thomas Thomas
The Rose Arms Brecon Rd Henry Rose
Iron & Tin Plate Workers Brecon Rd Christopher Davies
Joiners and Builders Brecon Rd David Joseph Davies
Shopkeepers Brecon Rd John Jones
Tailors (Woollen Drapers) Brecon Rd Daniel Daniels
Joiners and Builders Cross St Thomas Phillips
Grocers & dealers in sundries Cross St Hirwain Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd
The Cross Keys Cross St Philip Williams
Joiners and Builders 11 Harris St David Williams (joiner & building contractor)
Beer Retailers Hirwain Common David Roberts
Hospital Hirwain Rd Master Mr Hodson; nurse Mrs Hodson
The Cross & Public Park Hirwain Rd John Morgan
Shopkeepers 1 Hirwain Rd Mrs Elizabeth White
Beer Retailers 6 Hirwain Rd Joan Lewis
Beer Retailers 7 Hirwain Rd Thomas Bassett
China, glass &c, Dealers 8 Hirwain Rd Ann Phillips
Beer Retailers 17 Hirwain Rd Evan Jones
Boot & Shoe Makers 21 Hirwain Rd
Beer Retailers 24 Hirwain Rd Evan Rees
Stone Masons and Sculptors 24a Hirwain Rd David Thomas
Schools Public Hirwain Rd Walter Hogg Walter Hogg (Master) Miss Mary Evans & Miss S.A. Jones mistresses
Hirwaun Gas & Coke John Aubrey, secretary; Thomas Webb, manager
Company Ltd
Nail Makers Harris St Thomas Davies
Grocers & dealers in sundries Harris St George Hopkins also 23 Commercial St, Whitcombe St, Aberdare
Beer Retailers Harris St Morgan Morgans
Boot & Shoe Makers Harris St Thomas Evans
Drapers Harris St Thomas Prosser
Fruiterers & Greengrocers Harris St John Young
Cardiff Arms Hotel High St Robert Brown Commercial & posting
Bee Hive High St James Curry
Grocers & dealers in sundries 34 High St Evan J. Evans
Ironmongers & Iron and Steel Merchants 34 High St Evan J. Evans
Butchers 38 High St James Smale
Grocers & dealers in sundries 42 High St George Owen London Warehouse
The Crawshay Arms 53 High St Mrs Gwenllian Jones
Grocers & dealers in sundries 54 High St John Jones
Confectioners 57 High St Roland W. Richards
Tailors (Woollen Drapers) 57 High St Roland W. Richards
Grocers & dealers in sundries 58 High St Rees Bevan
Drapers 59 High St Mary Jones
Milliners and Dressmakers 59 High St Mrs Mary Jone
The Red Cow 61 High St David Watkins
The Patriot 66 High St John Bevan
Post Office 71 High St Postmaster John E. George Money Order Office, Savings Bank and Telegraph Office
Post Office John Evan George Chemists & Druggists
Insurance Offices & Agents 71 High St John Evan George London & Lancashire
Boot & Shoe Makers 72 High St Phillip Jones
China, glass &c, Dealers 73 High St Richard Morris
Shopkeepers 73 High St Richard Morris
Confectioners 76 High St Mary Mortimer
Grocers & dealers in sundries High St William Morgan
Grocers & dealers in sundries High St David Richards
Fruiterers & Greengrocers High St David Powell
European Wine & Co High St John Evan George Post Office?
The Mason’s Arms High St Benjamin Lewis
Tailors (Woollen Drapers) High St Benjamin Lewis
Beer Retailers High St Watkin Jones
Beer Retailers High St William Puffitt
Butchers High St High Watkins
W&A Gilbey High St Joseph Sims also Chemists & Druggists
Beer Retailers John Watkins
Beaton & Mc.Naughton Blacksmith
Beaton & Mc.Naughton Engineers, Millwrights
Beaton & Mc.Naughton Iron and Brass Founders
Pawnbrokers Merthyr Rd Nathaniel Myers
Painters & Paperchangers Merthyr Rd David Evans
The Glancynon Inn Merthyr Rd John Jones
The Golden Lion Merthyr Rd Morgan Phillips
Shopkeepers 30 Merthyr Rd Morgan Evans
Grocers & dealers in sundries 34 Merthyr Rd Mrs G. Bevan
Surgeons 34 Merthyr Rd D.J. Jones
Tailors (Woollen Drapers) Merthyr Rd David Jones
Grocers & dealers in sundries Merthyr Rd David Evans
Grocers & dealers in sundries Merthyr Rd John Griffiths
Grocers & dealers in sundries Merthyr Rd William M. Rees
Grocers & dealers in sundries Merthyr Rd Thomas Thomas
Beer Retailers Merthyr Rd John Evans
Beer Retailers Merthyr Rd William Williams
China, glass &c, Dealers Merthyr Rd Morris James
China, glass &c, Dealers Merthyr Rd John Jones
Fruiterers & Greengrocers Merthyr Rd John Jones
Milliners and Dressmakers Merthyr Rd Kate Trewhella
Tailors Merthyr Rd David Thomas
Tailors (Woollen Drapers) Station Rd Thomas Roberts
Bodwiggiad Arms Station Rd John Morgans
The Castle Station Rd John Bevan
Butchers Station Rd David Davies
China, glass &c, Dealers Station Rd Mary Dyment
Fruiterers & Greengrocers Station Rd Mary Dyment
Wesleyan Station Rd Rev. Rice Owens
Grocers & dealers in sundries Station Rd John D. Jones
Boot & Shoe Makers Station Rd Joseph Jones
The Maesydriau Station Rd Lewis J. Lewis
Milliners and Dressmakers Station Rd Mary Davies
Plasterers and Slaters Tramway Eugene McCarthy
Beer Retailers Tramway George Bird
Blacksmith Tramway William Williams
Butchers Tramway James Smith
Furniture Dealers Tramway Mrs D. Bevan
Milliners and Dressmakers Tramway Miss Eliza Jones
The Blacksmith Arms John Thomas
The Locomotive George Hopkins
Hirwain Station Station Master T. Tuckfield George
Aberdare Rhondda Mr Richard Bedlington Manager
Steam Coal Co. Ltd Cardiif office 37 Britannia Chambers Cardiff
Aberdare Merthyr Steam Mr Walter Heriot Manager
Coal Colliery Co. Ltd
Bwllfa Colliery Co. Ltd
Merthyr Colliery
Thomas Harrison Manager
Cardiff Office: 5 Dock Chambers
Rhydwain Colliery Morgan John
Contractors William Powell (Railway)
Stone Merchants & Lime William Powell
Engineers, Millwrights Thomas Llewellyn
Fire Brick, &c Makers John Morgan Rhydwain Brick Works
Fire Brick, &c Makers Daniel Rees Manager Welsh Iron works Co. Ltd
Fire Brick, &c Makers Mr George Williams Manager Allen N.B. &c, Dinas Fire Brick Works
The Pudlers Arms Trevenock Place Ann Phillips
Iron and Brass Founders Thomas Llewellyn Hirwain Foundry
Iron and Brass Founders Daniel Watkins Glancynon Foundry
Landore Siemens Steel Co. Ltd Jason Riley (Manager) Hiwain Iron Works
Board Schools John Morris Master
Surgeon Tymawr Evan Jones

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